March 1-10, 2017

Not Man Made – Not made by man, not designed by man

Art exhibition | Povo 1, Povo 2

The objects generated by certain processes are beyond the design concept of the programmer and designer, assuming unexpected forms and often ingenious.
They are not intentionally designed by man.
They are not made by man.
What can be their role?
Can the work of man represent himself even when something unforeseen would affect the result?
Can the work done by man to represent them?

March 1, 2017

Big Data: A game-changer?

16.00-18.30 | Room B107, Povo 2

Big Data are revolutionizing our world and are bringing a structural change upon society. Innovation is bringing a disruptive change in a multiplicity of economic sectors. Scenarios for the future are changing dramatically. What are the new opportunities brought by new technology/technologies (and markets)? What are the role of universities? How can enterprises surf this technological wave?
Analytics is a serious question, and has many applications also in the field of sports. This is demonstrated by the fact that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford and other US-based universities are organizing annual conferences and a series of institutional activities in the field of sport analytics. Microsoft has devoted an initial endowment of 17 million Euro, has established the Global Sport Innovation Centre in Madrid and supports entrepreneurs and startup linked with the world of sports. What can the sociology of big data tell to managers/entrepreneurs and researchers? How can our generation prepare for the revolution of big data? How can society reap the benefit of globalizing technologies?
. Dr. Gianmarco Campagnolo (Lecturer& Programme Director; Alan Turing Inaugural Fellow, University of Edinburgh) 
. Prof. Carlo Alberto Carnevale Maffe (Lecturer of Strategic Management, SDA Bocconi) 
. Fabio Filocamo (Board member of CorriereInnovazione, President of the Harvard Club of Italy)
. Michele Scian (H-Farm
. David Rosa (Chief Tecnological Officer, Microsoft Global Sport Innovation Centre, Madrid) 

Moderated by Francesco Anesi (EURAC/European Academy, Bolzano)

March 2, 2017

How Agile Dev Teams work

16.30-18.00 | Room B107, Povo 2
Seminar by Paros and XPeppers

Agile methods are often advocated as a natural step for companies that want to improve their internal organization business but how does this adoption reflect on the weekly workflow of a development team crafting a new software?
In this seminar Paros and XPeppers will give you useful insights handpicked by the experience they lived in the last 3 years. We will tell you how the development team discovered a new path towards the production of quality software built around collaboration, shared values and technical excellence.